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The Aran Valley is situated between the two long distance trans-Pyrenean routes, the GR-11 that crosses the Catalonian slopes and South of Aran and the GR-10 that goes through France. There are a whole series of PR’s (short journey paths) and micro-itineraries surrounding the villages of the valley. Many itineraries are available to lovers of nature who are not expert alpinists but want an enjoyable walking journey in contact with nature. To make the most of a walking journey in the Pyrenees adequate equipment is necessary. Good comfortable boots, a backpack with food and water and some spare cloths and a map. For the beginners we will suggest some of the forest trails, sections of the Camí Reiau (the old path that communicated the villages) or a walk to Montgarri, with the old monastery located in a beautiful valley. Those with some experience in the mountains will have to select among the wide array of possibilities, from visits to the different lakes of glacier origin to climbs to some of the representative peaks of the valley.


The beauty of the Aran Valley for the walkers is that allows to you complete the itinerary in one journey, so you will be enjoying a hot bath and the well deserved dinner in the evening. Montse will be always ready to take you through some of the less explored areas of the valley, following old paths that are not presented in most of the actual maps. And she will be sure you do not leave the hotel without having enjoyed a good breakfast, she is convinced you cannot spend the day up in the mountains without a proper supply of energy!