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From the end of winter and until the arrival of November snow, life bursts forth and the Aran Valley becomes a paradise for the nature lover. It does not matter whether you like birds, flowers or butterflies, or are excited by the sound of the water falling from the mountains, the calls of the birds in the forests or seek the challenges of the paths that take you up to the highest peaks.

For any reason at all, where nature matters, the Aran Valley will get to your heart.

Because we both love nature, after a long search in different areas of Spain, we decided to build a mountain hotel in Aran Valley where we could accommodate people who share our passion. Our home becomes the base for exploring and discovering some of the beauties that Aran Valley has to offer the curious visitor. The name Hotel Mauberme pays reverence to a peak (2,808 m) that offers a superb view over the central part of the Pyrenees. From the outside terrace you can watch the Maladetas and the peak of Aneto (3,404 m), the highest in the whole cordillera.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be presented with a wide array of walking itineraries. Depending on your fitness and experience, you will choose the most suitable with the help of the local expert Joaquin, (the hotel owner and himself a lover of mountain walks The beauty of the Aran Valley for walkers is that it allows you to complete the itinerary in one day, and enjoy a hot bath and a well deserved dinner in the evening.

As speciality we offer you an introduction to ornithology for those with interest and curiosity in learning a little bit more about the birds that surround our houses and gardens. From the same hotel we can watch and observe a good number of species as bird feeders and nests have been placed to attract the most common ones in the area. It is an opportunity for the visitor to Hotel Mauberme to arrange itineraries with a combination of walking and nature discovery. Just explain your interests to your hosts and they will provide you with ideas that match your interests.